PureMist Diffusers is a vibrant family-run North American company. Born out of a love for all the healing and sensory properties of essential oils, PureMist Diffusers has grown from a hobby and passion to a reputable online retailer. When I first discovered essential oils, I wondered how I had gone all my life without them! Each scent was so alive and so full, and each one had a practical positive effect on my body. I soon learned all about the uses and benefits of the different oils and started using them accordingly. My husband soon noticed the benefits and came to appreciate the effects of the oils himself. It was just a matter of time before we combined my essential oil knowledge with his passion for businesses with meaning to create PureMist Diffusers.


Although the majority of our customers are from the United States and Canada, since we have friends all over the world, we decided to offer free worldwide shipping. That way, whether you want to buy our products from outside North America or you want to send a gift to someone special anywhere in the world, you don’t have to incur a hefty shipping cost!


Customer service is really important to us, and that’s why we offer almost instant email support any time of the day!