Boost Your Immune System with Essential Oil Diffusers


Many organisms, including microbes, can survive and even thrive in the human body, due in no small part to the nutrients, moisture, and heat it houses. The body’s protective mechanism is the immune system — a network of cells, tissues, and organs  throughout your body that work together to defend the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders. Particularly, your immune system is found, in large part, in your blood, lymphatic system, and colon.

If strong enough, your immune system will protect you from harmful threats. It does this by the combined work of your white blood cells and your lymph. The cells, which come from your bone marrow, engulf the microbes; the lymph also circulates and kills the foreign invaders as it goes along. Finally, your colon, which contains millions of “good” bacteria, uses them to combat other microorganisms that are harmful to your body.

Therefore, the question on our minds should be, “What can I do to strengthen my immune system?”. We can positively influence our immune systems by many lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. We can also strengthen our immune system by using essential oils.

How does aromatherapy strengthen your immune system?

The most interesting story of how aromatherapy strengthens the immune system dates back to 17th England. While the Black Plague was taking scores of casualties without hesitation, there was a small group of thieves that seemed to be immune to the disease. Without hesitation, they entered the homes of Black Plague victims, touching the bodies of the victims as they searched for jewelry and money.

Their seeming invincibility was found in an essential oil recipe, which we call thieves essential oil. It is a mixture of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils. They rubbed this oil on their bodies and were thus not affected by the plague.

Historians also believe the the residents of Bucklersbury, a small English town, was also spared from the plague because of the abundance of lavender there. In fact, Bucklersbury was the centre of the European lavender trade. Lavender oil has powerful disease-fighting properties. In fact, recent scientific and medical research has proven that the essential oil of lavender has immune stimulating and antimicrobial properties that rival – and even surpass – many modern antiseptic chemicals and antibiotic drugs. (Biological activities of Lavender essential oil. 1. H.M.A. Cavanagh and 2. J.M. Wilkinson / Article first published JUN 2002.)

Essential oils are not just pleasant smells. They have been long esteemed throughout history because of their healing and medicinal properties. Over the past two centuries, science has shown us that essentials oils have amazing antimicrobial effects.

How to get the most out of the antimicrobial properties of essential oils

One of the recent discoveries within aromatic research is that the antimicrobial effects of essential oils are most potent when the exposure is to the vapor form and not the liquid form. This means that the most effective way of using essential oils to reduce atmospheric contagion, neutralize airborne illnesses, and enhance immunity is through the use of aromatic diffusers, ionizers, and nebulizers. This is more effective than applying an oil directly to the skin, such as, for example, when applying tea tree oil to a fungal infection. Research has also found that it is unnecessary to have a high concentration of oil in the atmosphere for it to be effective. Rather, only a minimal amount of oil dispersed from a diffuser is required for optimum biological and immunological effects.

The best part about using the essential oil in vapor form is that everyone around you will also benefit from inhaling the oils and will enjoy cleaner air. In seeking to boost your own immune system, you are also strengthening the health of your children, spouse, parents, siblings or roommates! Spread the love — get your diffuser HERE: